We develop global security strategies while maintaining a practice of individualized service.

Our Values

Defined work values are necessary for the success of any company. BGI emphasizes a trail-blazing mentality with our company values. We push ourselves to defy convention, embrace change, and drive progress.

Clients come first

We strive to provide the best possible experience and individualized level of service to our customers. When we do the little things well, we will do the bigger things better.

Be a Contrarian

Our firm prides itself in contrarian leadership. We demand innovation in what we do, and we push our team to be inquisitive and curious.

Team Collaboration

We strive to recruit and retain talent from all backgrounds and perspectives. We believe in over-communication when working together, as this allows every team member to provide input, feedback, and innovative ideas.

Hire personality over Resume

We measure success from results, aligned goals, and client satisfaction. We value independence and autonomy at all levels of the organizational structure. Talent and personality are far more appealing qualities than lengthy resumes.

Our Confidence is Understated

The BGI team has accomplished a lot. Even so, we see each of our projects as a learning experience. We readily admit when we made a mistake, we aim to make each of us better performers through direct feedback, thoughtful communications, and we all possess an intense focus on lifetime success.

Our Commitment

At BGI, we take time to define who we are, and what we do, before we enter into any partnership. It is important to us that you know what to expect, and what not to expect, when you work with BGI.

We Are experts in what we do

But consider us your partner in policy. We don’t have all the answers, but we’ll help you get there.

We don’t tell you how to do your job

We simply share perspectives and provide resources on how you might do your job better.

We are Consultants

We’re not manufacturer’s representatives. We don’t push products. We provide solutions and strategy.

We know ourselves

If you come to us with a project that’s not a perfect fit for us, we’ll speak up and help you find the right partner.

We Project manage

Sometimes you already know exactly what you want, but simply don’t have the in-house resources to execute it. Let us help. We project-manage security, safety, and business continuity projects for clients just like you.

Our Vision

A message from our CEO

As the security landscape evolves, conventional security measures and policies are no longer suitable. BGI works with you to create innovative and adaptive solutions that excel in the present security climate. Several pivotal events in our country’s recent history have illuminated the breadth and depth of corporate security needs. The Las Vegas and San Bernardino shootings, the increased intensity and frequency of fires and hurricanes, and the Boston Marathon bombing–among others–have created a demand for broader security and safety measures. This expanding set of risks, coupled with emerging technology, poses new challenges for corporate security directors saddled with keeping companies and employees safe.
As security challenges become broader and more diverse, policies must be crafted to address contemporary challenges in this dynamic environment. The strategic reduction or elimination of ineffective policies can allow for new business models–that is, a strategy to achieve long-term financial strength as a company. This new corporate philosophy of security must focus on legitimate risks and opportunities and act preemptively, rather than reactively.
While security challenges often overlap sectors and industries, solutions must be tailored and thoughtfully crafted to best address a company’s unique challenges. A successful security program implemented at one company may not translate effectively to a different company’s culture. BGI assesses these nuances by evaluating your company’s practices and customs to create applicable, yet customized, strategies.
At BGI, we approach every project with a best practices philosophy and an aim to balance risks and threats with global market standards. All advised solutions are enterprise-based, scalable, and affordable. Finding suitable policies and procedures in a high-risk, unpredictable security environment can be challenging, but BGI’s exemplary service and emphasis on individualization and global strategy can make the process easier.

~ Matt Bogaard, CEO & Founder